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All About Brian...

Hi, my name is Brian 'Hunk Hands' Crabtree.

Through my various services, I help men in Asia increase their confidence in the bedroom, give more pleasure, and get more respect (among dozens of other benefits) by teaching them how to make their girl squirt.

I've helped over 200 female clients squirt in one-on-one massage sessions, most for the first time...

I've been asked to teach at private, "invite-only" sex parties for elite power couples...

I've been interviewed by international sexuality outlets and my Squirting Yoni Massage videos have been viewed over 3 million times...

But before we get into that, let's start at the beginning...

How A Simple Knock On My Door Led To Me Becoming One Of The Most Trusted Squirting Experts...

This was my wife and my company campus in America...

On the day before I divorced my wife of 3 years, I sat in my office at a great American software company I loved when there was a knock on my door.

In walked a young lady from HR who showed me a black and white security camera photo... of my wife!

In the grainy photo my wife was clearly stuffing boxes into her purse and I was told she had stolen hundreds of dollars of equipment.

I was in shock... and fired.

So I drove straight home but our apartment was empty... where was she and why was her phone turned off?​

I needed answers. So I tracked down her call history from our phone company and one number kept coming up over and over again... and I knew that number... it was my coworker.

Yup, she was also having an affair.

​So I Vowed To Uncover What REALLY Made Women Tick And Started Over...

First, I lost a TON of weight. Second, I started dating...

Younger women and older women...

Brown girls, white girls, mixed girls...

Introverts and extroverts...

Bankers, travelers, models, students...

I was at over 150 women (stopped counting in the 80s) when it hit me that what really lit up my eyes wasn't computers and technology and software... it was relationships and helping girls explore their sexuality.

So I made the #1 scariest decision of my life: I quit my high-paying tech job to become a sensual masseur.

Because isn't there a time in everyone's life where you just need to follow your passion?

Finally following my passion...

And my passion was squirting. Because the most sexual pleasure I'd ever been honored to witness was helping girls squirt...

So I decided to become a world-class squirting expert.

More and more, women came to me for my zero-judgment, sex-positive vibe and left happier and satisfied. Needless to say, I fulfilled my vow.

But Becoming A "Masseur" Was Just Step 1...

One day after analyzing my strengths and weaknesses - it clicked.

I realized that my strength wasn’t just making women rave about my hands, it was combining new teaching styles (like video tutorials) with world-class massage technique.

While most "masseurs" focus on massaging one person at a time - I focused on distilling and packaging my knowledge to make a wider impact. The stuff guys want to know. The simple techniques. The easiest methods. The most effective instruction. Sharing exactly how I do it.

Today, I'm considered one of the world's leading authorities on female ejaculation.

My free
HunkHandsWeekly episodes have helped millions of men tune-up their fingering...

I've been asked to speak for private, "invite-only" sex parties...

I've worked with some of Singapore's nicest husbands, boyfriends, and bachelors (reviews below) and have a blast doing it.

And I still give at least two one-on-one female squirting massages a week so I can test new techniques to share with my students.

So the question is... can I help YOU grow your confidence in bed?

think so. After all...

Here's A Few Of The Amazing Men And Women Who Trust Me To Help Them Reach Their Sexual Goals And What They Say About Me...

My Wife Gives Me Blowjobs Again!

I joined Hunk Hands' course and he saved my sex life with my wife of 23 years.

Now that she squirts, she can't get enough and I love it, she's amazing! In just one example, she got down and gave me a blowjob this week... last time was 2002!

Jon T. 
Singaporean, 45

Best Massage EVER...

I started receiving yoni massage in the UK for my chemotherapy pain (I know it's weird but it works). I just moved back to SG so I tried Hunk Hands and the orgasms were double the intensity... and I squirted! 

Best massage EVER. Can't believe he's right here in SG:)

Debra W. 
Singaporean, 30s

3x'd My Sexual Endurance In 2 Weeks!

I'm fresh out of a marriage and I'm dating really hot girls again... but I was finishing way too fast. It was really embarrassing and I couldn't enjoy the sex.

This course is so transformational because it takes the pressure and attention off your dick. Now I completely exhaust my dates with my fingers then I have sex with them at MY PACE. Not feeling like I have to rush (because they're already satisfied) has tripled my endurance in two weeks!

Mark S. 
American, 37

Sorry For Crying!

I'm a very sexual person so I expected to meet Hunk Hands, blow off some steam, then go party with my girls. Nope!

So many emotions came up that I cried after squirting - it was a deep emotional release. Plus I'd never squirted before so I was obviously shy... but Hunk Hands was so understanding, he just gave me a hug and we talked about it. Then after I squirted the second time I couldn't stop laughing :p

Needless to say I went straight home and had the best sleep in months!

Samantha C. 
British, 40s

Now My Size Doesn't Matter...

I reached out to Hunk Hands and I don't feel embarrassed about my size anymore! I knew I couldn't satisfied my exs before because I'm quite small but what was I supposed to do? In fact, one ex told me to my face that she needed a man with a bigger dick...

Now I know size doesn't matter because my new girlfriend MAKES ME finger her and I LOVE doing it.

Abdul A. 
Singaporean, 29

FINALLY Had A Vaginal Orgasm!

I know  #firstworldproblem but my boyfriends were useless! So I googled "how to have a vaginal orgasm" and found Hunk Hands...

Let's just say my bucket list is a little shorter;)

Vanessa L. 
Singaporean, 20s





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